1. Hawke: *breathes near mages*
  2. Fenris: +9999999 Rivalry.
  3. Hawke: *breathes near templars*
  4. Anders: +9999999 Rivalry.
  5. Hawke: *breathes*
  6. Carver: +9999999 Rivalry.
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what your zodiac sign says about you


aries: dragon age
taurus: dragon ag e
gemini: dRAGON aGE
cancer: drrrragon age??
leo: dRAGon AGE
virgo: D R A G O N A G E
libra: dragon age
scorpio: DARGON AEG
sagittarius: dragon aaaaage
capricorn: Dragon Age!!!!
aquarius: dragonagedragonage
pisces: DRAGON AGE

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mass effect + according to google [insp]
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If we should die tonight, we should all die together.

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connor kenway at the end of ac3:


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